Plastic Pixel Art (PPA)


Plastic Pixel Art is the work of artist Sara Mai.

Art is created using the colour of the plastic bottle tops.

Art is created using the minimal amount of external energy and change to the pixels.

Temporary art creation enables reuse of colours.

Stringing colours together creates the medium as the art platform, while facilitating potential reuse.

30mm tops come in the largest range of pigmentation and are used for painting.

40mm tops are most common and are usually translucent, making them ideal for use in screening art.

40mm tops make a sound akin to water, providing immersive aural play opportunities and ideal material for sonic streamers (bunting with sound).

Innocent Juice Carafe Bottle Tops make perfect building blocks for Innocent Towers, there are now world records in Stacks and Tower building.


Click blue pixels for introductions to Plastic Pixel Art by Louie Hughes, 2017


                      Click green pixels for introductions to Sara Mai by Martin Hall 2017