Permaculturing Post-Consumer Plastic & Paper

"The idea is to create a post-industrial, post-consumer reprocessing resource plant that is located within a permaculture/forest garden setting, and is scaled to its community, for which it produces to meet need." 

Sara Mai


Three of the common household plastics have successful secondary uses, often lasting longer than their initial use.

Precious Plastic have viable small scale recycling systems, with open source design ware, and a trading market.

smptree favours HDPE2 plastic to work with, as it comes in the widest spectrum of colours. 

 - oil veins through our lives searching for the way home to deep peace -


For every 75 litres of petroleum extracted from one barrel of refined crude oil, 15 litres of aviation, 38 litres of diesel and 34 litres of a mix of heating oil, gases and plastics are produced. 

Consumption of Refined Crude Oil drives plastic production.

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