Clean Stream

Clean Stream: water provision and/or resource collection

Water Provision:  

                                  Clean Stream facilitate clean drinking water provision in field situations.

                                  By controlling access to the tap we are able to greatly reduce contamination at the water source.

                                  Overflow water from drinking water collection is bunded and used as process water for washing and watering.

                                  A 'Tip Tap' Handwash system uses minimal water and may be sited away from the water source.

                                  A hand pressurised spray container is used for washing and showering.

Resource Collection: 

                                   Traditional recycling and waste streams are separated out to preserve resourses for re-use during the festival and for optimal recycling afterwards.

                                   Washing facilities are provided to reduce cross contamination.

                                   Plastic identification and separation of form and type are provided.

Event Reports

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Clean Stream

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Clean Stream

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Clean Stream 

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