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I thought I'd share an interview I had with Joy from China

Who is your audience and how do you engage with them through your artwork?

My audience is people who buy plastic with bottle tops. I display my art in public places. I also do interactive art installations at local community events.

What do you want people to learn when they encounter your work?

That the smallest pieces of plastic should be cherished and put to good reuse. 

Other than bottle tops, what other materials do you like to use?

I am very fond of weaving with paper. Natural materials have good resonance.

Does your work follow a specific theme or multiple?

The underlying theme to all my work is water.

What is the process when designing and making 3D pieces and installations? Do you make preliminary sketches

Most of the time I do sketches but when I’m trying something very new I experiment with small models or just bash ahead at what I think I’m doing and learn loads on the way.

How do you exhibit your work? 

I take it to festivals and events and use it as a backdrop to my other work.

How does the local community view it?

My studio is in an old derelict shopping centre and my large windows are always full of my work


A floating sign made for The River Severn and as a tribute to all rivers.

Holey Work, the video

Each bottle top is pierced four times in preparation for threading.

Threading the columns first 

Pulling through, the video

Pulling through:  One length of monofilament (fishing twine) is used for the whole piece, which is finished off with one knot. Threading the columns is easier than the cross threading of the rows. With the rows the pull through becomes longer and longer.

Three weeks later .....

.... the finished work

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